At This Weeks Market

At This Weeks Market  10/17/2020



.       Berkshire Worms—Microgreens
·       Fiddlehead Farm—Vegetables & Cut Flowers; Handmade COVID-19 Masks
·       Green Palate—Vegan Food Truck
·       J&J Farm–Vegetables
·       Lone Duck Farm—Chicken, Vegetables
·       Lynnhaven Farm—Cheeses, Yogurt, Milk, and Meat (Goat)
·       Maha Grill–Prepared Foods, Indian Chutneys, Beverages
·       Maynard Farm & Orchard—Vegetables, Fruits, Ciders (including Hard Cider)
·       Northern Delights— Gluten Free Baked Goods (including Dairy Free)
·       Our Daily Bread—Bread, Baked Goods (including Gluten Free)
·       Ram’s Valley—Hot Sauces, Prepared Food
·       Rock n’ Raw Edibles—Cheeses (Cow & Sheep), Pestos
·       Rough House Roasters—Coffees (Beans & Ground; To Drink at Café Tables
·       Sheepy Valley Farm—Honey, Eggs, Jams, Beeswax Candles
·       Spruceton Valley Farm—Maple Syrup, Maple Products
Also the Saugerties Pee Wee Hockey team will be set up at the market selling pumpkins to raise funds for the team.